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Product Information

Urban Paintball UK is proud to announce Operation: New Dawn 2


Longmoor Training Camp
GU33 6EL



19th May 2018
1 day event
Site Opens 6pm the 18th
Site Closes 10pm the 19th

Ticket allocation:


2 factions
100 players capped

Your ticket includes these benefits:


£5 Voucher For The On Site Food Van
- Free Heated Sleeping Bunk
- Access to Showers and Real Toilets.
- 4000psi fills.
- Saturday scenario games with a 1 hour lunch break
- Pocket map with game schedule provided for free.
- Cinema
- Player Party

Event Schedule:

Saturday: 3am till 10pm



This is a site only paint event due to the nature of the site. The paint will be £35 a box of Tomahawk.

Rental Gear:

Need rental gear? For £10 we will kit you out for the whole event. Tippmann 98 marker, 3000psi bottle, gravity fed hopper, mask, overalls, tactical vest and pods.

Marker Setup:

No limited cap on paint (hoppers, magfed, tube all welcome)
Semi only due to the close quarters action.


Pyro kills count within 2 metres. No exception and will be enforced by marshal’s and players.
Maximum size of pyro will be mk5’s due to health & safety.
Anyone found possessing larger will be escorted off site immediately.
A range of pyro can be purchased on site.

Player Pack:





Car Park:

The car park is 50 meters away from the safe zone so you can leave all your gear in the car if required.

Any questions?

EMAIL: GHomewood@hotmail.com 

Player to player transferal of tickets will incur a processing fee of £1. Transferal of tickets must be made by ticket holders email address. No exceptions.
Please see contact details on website.


Find us on our Facebook group for up to date information.


As this is an active training camp the game can be canceled with 3 weeks’ notice. The game will be rescheduled at no extra cost to you.
Abusive behavior will not be tolerated at any time (even in a drunken state).
There will be no dry firing in any of the safe/sleeping zones at any time.
Anyone found abusing the facilities provided will be removed from the event.
There will be no refund policy in effect at this event and you will be removed by our security staff for any rule violation.
There is also a 3.4% PayPal transaction fee on all sales (you do not need PayPal to pay just a valid card and PayPal handles the transaction so it's totally secure).

Product Code: Operation: New Dawn 2 Ticket



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