Enola Gaye Burst Smoke Grenades (Wire Pull)


Manufacturer: Enola Gaye

Product Information

Product Description


When you need cover fast, there is only one choice of smoke grenade and that grenade is the Enola Gaye Burst Smoke. Fitted with our Wire Pull™ igniter, the burst smoke is capable of producing a massive cloud of smoke within 20 seconds! Our twin vent design burns the composition and dumps the smoke super fast! This is a favorite smoke grenade amongst the front attacking players who have the capability to push into areas where cover fire just doesn’t cut it!

Technical Specifications


Fuse Delay: Approx 2 seconds
Effect: Fast Twin Vented White Smoke
Effect Duration: Approximately 20 Seconds**
Effect Colour: White Smoke
Ignition Type: Enola Gaye Wire Pull™
Composition: Weight 40 grams
Size: 38mm diameter x 120mm high
Boxed Qty: 100 (2 x 50 inner boxes)
Availability: UK, Europe, USA & Canada
Water Resistant Outer: Yes / Partial*
Cloud Density: 8/10**
Smoke Expel Speed: 10/10**

Product Code: Enola Gaye Burst Smoke Grenades (Wire Pull)



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